The Daily Show has mainly focused on the liberal media echo chamber for some time now. The host of the popular show, Trevor Noah invited conservative commentator Tomi Lahren last night for a lengthy debate, during which the two debated out everything from the movement of Black Lives Matter, and the controversial Affordable Care Act, as well as the scandalous Donald Trump’s hot-mic recording.

Lahren is the host of conservative talk show; TheBlaze’s “Tomi,” Noah showed a clip from her own show to his audience to give them a glimpse, to those who quite possibly had never seen her show, just a little introduction to her viewpoints.

Tomi Lahren came across as an enraged version of Hayden Panettiere. In the clip Tomi railed against protesters (“they are cry-babies with absolutely nothing better to do”), the Occupy Wall-Street “idiots” and the Black Lives Matter movement supporters as militants.

“Are you always angry?” Noah joked after the clip played.
“I am not angry,” she replied. “There are things that need to be said, Trevor, and many of us shy away from saying them.”

Tomi said that coming to the ‘Daily Show’ was essentially stepping into the lion’s den, she looked understandably more nervous than Noah, as he kept a pleasant calm for most of the interview. The back-and-forth was more sensible than most of the presidential debates, at least with both stating fiery statements towards one another in understandable English.

Lahren later conceded that Trump told Billy Bush about making one-sided sexual moves on women was inexcusable, although she maintained that she has always been a Marco Rubio supporter – once Trump was the choice of the Republican Party, she started to support him.

“It was a bad day for Trump supporters,” she responded about the tape release. “But yet I have been given a choice between Trump, who says horrible things, and Hillary who actually has committed horrible things.”

When Noah asked her what was the goal behind her show, the South Dakota native responded that she wanted to represent the countless amount of people ignored by either parties, who might be too shy to speak out for fear of being side-lined.

“You can label me as much as you want, but I will stand firm,” Lahren promised.

Indicating that she was not afraid to fight for what she believes in, the out spoken host reiterated “You can call me whatever the hell you want, I won’t back down.”