Selena just overtook her BFF Taylor Swift to become the most followed celebrity on Instagram. In the annual rankings of Instagram released Thursday, Selena was the most-followed celebrity with a whopping 103 million followers. The pop super-star, Taylor Swift in second place amassed 93.9 million followers.

Singing sensations, Ariana Grande and Beyonce secured third and fourth position respectively, with 89.6 million and 88.9 million followers each. The most popular reality TV star Kim Kardashian took fifth place with 88.2 million followers.

All five women held the top accounts last year as well, but the order changed as Kardashian dropped from second to fifth.

Gomez also dominates with individual posts: She has eight of the 10 most liked celebrity pics, as well as 7 of the top 10 videos by celebrities. The pop-star was also voted as one of the most-liked entertainer for 2016, the Associated Press reported.
“Same Old Love” fame Selena, 24, also had the most viral celebrity videos and photos on Instagram, she was also the most-mentioned celebrity artist on the well- renowned social media network.

‘Hip hop’ was the most used U.S. music hashtag on Instagram. The top moments came in January when singer David Bowie died and tributes poured in from all over the world. The sudden death of mega super star Prince in April sent the social media platform in a tailspin as dedicated fans took to Instagram to mourn the loss of one of the greatest artists to have graced the earth.

Overall, female superstars took up most of the top 10. Cristiano Ronaldo and actor Dwayne Johnson were the only men featured in the top list. Soccer star Ronaldo, had 82.3 million followers, and actor Johnson, with 71 million followers.

The Facebook owned entity; Instagram, is based on users sharing photos and videos. Instragram have grown tremendously over the past year, the social media platform now boasts more 500 million global users this year.

The company’s year-end statistics covered a variety of categories, such as the ‘most-instagrammed‘ day of 2016 – Halloween – and the most-used emoji in posts, which was the heart emoji.