Mrs. Justin Theroux; Jennifer Aniston matured on the silver screen of America’s television sets. Thanks to her famous father, John Aniston, a Greek actor and her actress mother; Nancy Dow. The 47-year-old beauty has followed in her famous parent’s footsteps.

However, being blessed with the acting genes of her renowned parents, the fascinating actress had garnered her own recognition worldwide. In 1994, she started her acting career on the popular Friends Sitcom. During that time she portrayed Rachel Green until the show ended in 2004.

Her portrayal of Rachel Green has earned the beautiful starlet a Primetime Emmy Award, a Golden Globe Award, and a Screen Actors Guild Award. Her character Rachel Green was also recognized in the US as one of the ‘100 greatest female television characters.’

After being absent from the small screen for an extended period, the classic beauty is now contemplating a return to prime time television. Chelsea Handler, a long-time friend of the Hollywood star had suggested that Ms. Aniston plays a part in an upcoming series co-created with Jason Bateman her Office Party co-star. Executive producer Will Speck and writer Justin Malen are the other people involved in this new show.

In a recent interview the actress alluded that she was contemplating a return to the small screen, she stated “We’re so all over that. Television is where it’s at.” “I really do believe the shows are more interesting.” “There’s more opportunity for women …unless they want you as a superhero.”

The famous actress also stated “if someone asked her to take on such a role. “I would want to be, like, the really uncoordinated superhero. I couldn’t take myself seriously leaping out of somewhere in a full leather something.”

Jennifer also praised the fascinated 50-year-old Catwoman star, Halle Berry. Mrs. Justin Theroux state that Halle’s age defying beauty and sexy superhero ability could have her playing Cat Woman for the rest of her life.

Jennifer Aniston was great in the popular Friends Sitcom. What do you think of her returning to the silver screen in a brand new television sitcom?  Please keep the conversation going by joining the conversation in the comment section.