Irish UFC superstar Conor McGregor was granted a boxing license Wednesday by the state of California. As a result, the impending possibility of a match between him and boxing champion Floyd Mayweather has bared even closer.

Mcgregor last month took on the lightweight belt after a victorious knockout with Eddie Alvarez, making him the first fighter in UFC history to hold two belts at the same time.

The Irishman himself participated in boxing during his childhood, even advancing to an All-Ireland  Boxing championship. His transition from mixed martial arts as an amateur at 18 to UFC fighting began in February of 2013. His record stands firm at a mighty 21 wins out of 24 fights, including 18 knock-outs.

Although Mayweather retired from boxing in September 2015 with an unbeaten record of 49-0, he commented on the potential idea of a McGregor fight by saying, “I’m an elephant, elephants don’t beef with ants. Elephant is so large, he don’t even see ants.”

McGregor and Mayweather have been at a “Mexican stand-off” with their remarks to one other, with the former stating “I want a $100 million cash to fight him under boxing rules because he is afraid of a real fight.”

The CEO of Mayweather Promotions, Leonard Ellerbe, spoke about the ordeal by saying “It’s all a game. It’s all a calculated effort to gain more fans.”

The vision of both of them in the ring is accumulating, with John Kavanagh, Mcgregor’s coach himself, remarking on the matter by saying “If the odds were good enough, I’d put a few quid on it for next year.”