In a recently released 911 audio tape, Kanye West’s doctor could be heard asking for police backup and paramedics to assist with the rapper who have obviously become very combative.

An incident at his personal trainer’s home had prompted his doctor to call for assistance. In the 911 call, the emergency dispatcher was heard instructing Dr. Farzam to keep all weapons away from the artist.

The newly released audio tape published on December 1, by TMZ,  indicates that the artist had suffered a mental breakdown and was in need of medical help. Dr. Michael Farzam in his call to paramedics and law enforcement was obviously very concerned about the rapper’s condition.

The 911 dispatcher at the two-minute mark of the audio tape were heard giving these instructions, “Sir, if you can just keep an eye on him … don’t let him get any weapons or anything like that. If anything changes, if he does become physically combative between now and when the police and/or paramedics get there, call us back.”

Kanye West had suffered a mental breakdown due in part to his wife’s being robbed at gunpoint of 10 million dollar worth of jewellery in Paris, France. Sources close to the famous couple have stated that the Grammy winning rapper and his wife was very traumatized  by the incident. The upcoming anniversary of his mother’s death, also played a factor in the artist meltdown.

He was subsequently taken to the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles for psychiatric evaluation and treatment. During his time at the medical center his famous wife Kim Kardashian, was seen visiting her husband regularly amid rumors of an impending breakup.

The celebrity artist, was released a few days ago from UCLA’s psychiatric ward, but will need continued monitoring from a medical doctor. Kanye is now comfortably resting at home with his wife, and two kids; 12 month old Saint and 3-years-old North West.