While most women welcome the news of finally being able to be a mother, some gets very frustrated, especially when everyone else seems to know more about the pregnancy than the expectant mother.

Jennifer Aniston is lashing out at pregnancy story
Forty-seven-years Jennifer Aniston were rumored over the past 15 years to be pregnant by scores of tabloid reporters. However, none of those pregnancies have come to fruition.  Now Ms. Aniston is not only angry, she is absolutely frustrated with the continuous intrusion on her private life.

The popular actress, published an article on Huffington Post, in which she outlined her anger and frustration towards the tabloid industry. In her article titled: For the Record, the Emmy and Golden Globe award actress asked the media to stop publishing fake stories about her.

Feeling Pretty Raw
Miss Aniston also talked about why she wrote the article, which will air on the Ellen DeGeneres show on Wednesday, November 30th. The actress had recently lost her mother, Nancy Dow, in May of this year. She stated that she was still trying to recover from her mom’s death, and was feeling pretty raw.

She also revealed a harrowing experience she had with the paparazzi while on vacation on a remote island. Aniston stated, “Where we were was empty and we were mobbed [by photographers]. I kept thinking, is Kim Kardashian behind me?”

The actress described how seeing a photo of her with a baby bump and an arrow pointing to her stomach continues to haunt her. She had also disclosed that over the years there have been many similar rumored pregnancy stories. She has now decided to make her feelings known about the never-ending rumors.

In her Op-Ed published last July in Huffington Post, Jennifer wrote about how women are constantly perceived by marital status and motherhood. “We don’t need to be married or mothers to be complete. We get to determine our own ‘happily ever after’ for ourselves.”