To little surprise, Taylor Swift topped Forbes’ annual list of the world’s highest paid musicians of 2016, released earlier today.

The magazine reported that the 27-year-old musician made $170 million this year, despite her taking a year off releasing or promoting new music. Instead, Swift has been writing music for other artists, such a Rihanna, who placed fifth of the list.

Who made the list?

The singer beat out the likes of One Direction, whose reported earnings, combined, reached $110 million. Adele, who earned $80 million, and Beyoncé, who placed 17th, ranked lower on Forbes’ list.

The revenue is primarily a result of her 1989 album and its resulting world tour throughout 2015.

The singer famously took a stand against Apple’s subscription service last year as she opposed releasing her album for free. The resulting sales reached 9 million copies worldwide.

Large portions of her earnings, however, are attributed to endorsement deals with Apple, Diet Coke, and others.


Other artists broke their own records this year, such as Justin Bieber, the youngest musician out of the 30 on the list with $56 million. British star Adele reported her highest earnings ever. Madonna, who placed fourth, has pushed her career earnings to $1.4 billion before tax.

Some of the stars are expected to continue with their placement on Forbes’ list in 2017, such as Adele, whose tour continues well into next year.

How does Forbes know?

Forbes’ list was compiled using pre-tax data from the period of June 2015 to June 2016. The data is obtained from managers, lawyers, or even the stars themselves, along with information from Pollstar, the Recording Industry Association of America, and Nielsen SoundScan.

Combined, all 30 artists made a grand total of $1.8 billion last year.